Store Manager Trainee

  • Full Time
  • Troy, OH 45373, USA
  • $41,620.00 - $46,280.00 per year USD / Hour

Premier Rental Purchase of Dayton/Troy

Position: Store Manager Trainee
General Purpose: As a Store Manager Trainee, you will play a pivotal role in our organization’s success by gaining hands-on experience and preparing to assume the responsibilities of a Store Manager. In the absence of the Store Manager, you will take charge of operational tasks and perform all Store Manager functions. Your primary focus will be ensuring the store’s profitability, managing finances and inventory, and safeguarding the company’s assets. Additionally, you will participate in recruiting, selecting, hiring, supervising, and training store personnel to provide exceptional customer service.
Specific Duties:

  1. Assume the duties of Office Administrator and Rental Sales Professional when necessary.
  2. Assist the Store Manager in overseeing the entire store’s operation and supervising all store associates.
  3. Maintain accurate paper and computer records, including daily backups, and secure important documents in fireproof cabinets.
  4. Safeguard store property, implement proper inventory procedures, and ensure the effective use of the store alarm system.
  5. Manage all financial transactions and cash handling procedures, adhering to strict control measures.
  6. Administer company policies and procedures within the store.
  7. Accurately report all company transactions.
  8. Supervise store associates, ensuring they adhere to their assigned duties, including customer order forms approval, collection guidelines, product delivery, installation, and timely completion of service work.
  9. Drive store growth and uphold non-renewed account standards.
  10. Ensure weekly Vehicle Maintenance Reports are completed and signed by assigned personnel.

Other Duties: Respond promptly to requests from the Corporate Office, President & VP of Operation, Regional Manager, and other store personnel.

  1. High school diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience.
  2. Valid driver’s license with a good driving record.
  3. DOT certification if required by state law. (THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT)
  4. Completion of the training program and at least six months of management experience with 4 to 7 employees in a similar business.
  5. Ability to lift and carry loads up to seventy-five (75) pounds.

Required Skills:

  1. Precision, accuracy, coordination, and knowledge of operational procedures.
  2. Ability to comprehend oral and written instructions.
  3. Proficiency in reading, writing, and performing arithmetic functions quickly and accurately.
  4. Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  5. Excellent customer and team management abilities.
  6. Familiarity with all products in the inventory.
  7. Capability to perform subordinate job functions.

Efforts, Demands, and Conditions: Work may occur in various environments with frequent walking, standing, bending, stooping, and lifting. The role requires adaptability to changing conditions, handling pressure from multiple activities, and occasional extra hours. Frequent travel between stores may be necessary.

  • Ability to cope with emotional and mental stress associated with people and situations.
  • Use of a hand truck for merchandise transportation.

Work settings include the store, field, and customers’ homes. Fieldwork may involve moving merchandise across various terrains, stairs, wet surfaces, and exposure to weather conditions.

  • Attendance at company or Premier Corp training sessions may be required.

Relationships: Frequent interaction with customers, associates, and upper management. Occasional contact with external business associates like distributors and suppliers. Effective communication with supervisors, peers, and associates is crucial.
Compensation: $41,620.00 – $46,280.00 per year
About Us: Premier Rental-Purchase is a Rent-To-Own franchise dedicated to providing exceptional services and benefits to our customers. We offer unique programs designed to improve our customers’ lifestyles while adhering to their budgets. Our team members play a crucial role in developing strong customer relationships. We also provide guidance and support to franchisees and their teams to enhance unit-level revenues, profits, and operational standards. Our core values, including Respect, Listen, and Respond; Compassion with Accountability; Integrity Above All; and Together We Succeed, guide our business decisions and interactions, ensuring an unparalleled experience for both consumers and employees.

Compensation: $41,620.00 – $46,280.00 per year

Premier Rental-Purchase is a Rent-To-Own franchise that goes above and beyond to provide our customers with the services and benefits necessary to excel in today’s world. We offer a program with unique features focused on improving our customers’ lifestyles while adhering to their budget. Our team members make this possible and their respect for our customers is pivotal in developing great customer relationships. At the same time, Premier is focused on providing its franchisees and their team with the guidance and support services they need to increase unit-level revenues and profits and maintain high-level operational standards. At the foundation of Premier’s excellent performance are our core values: 

  • Respect, Listen, and Respond
  • Compassion with Accountability
  • Integrity Above All
  • Together We Succeed


As an organization, we strive to conduct our business activities with these core values at the heart of every decision and interaction. Premier Rental-Purchase continues to deliver an unparalleled experience for both the consumer and employees, setting a precedent that remains unmet by competitors in the rent-to-own industry.

I acknowledge that each independent Premier Rental Purchase franchisee hires and determines the terms and conditions of employment for its own employees. Any employment benefits, compensation and employment practices vary by location. Neither Premier Rental Purchase Inc. (“Franchisor”) nor its affiliates have the power to: (1) hire, fire or modify the employment condition of franchisee’s employees; (2) supervise and control franchisee’s employee work schedule or conditions of employment; (3) determine the rate and method of payment; or (4) accept, review or maintain franchisee employment records. Premier Rental Purchase Inc. is NOT the employer and/or joint employer for: (i) any of the job opportunities listed on this website; (ii) any of the independent franchisees; and, (iii) any of the employees of the independent franchisees.

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