Store Captain for New Location

Drive and Shine

Candidate needed to lead our new store



Salary of $50-60,000 to start. Potential to exceed $100,000 as you progress

Work schedule of 50 hours a week

Vacation pay, holiday pay

Comprehensive health insurance and 401K

Excellent advancement potential


Job Summary

Are you an accomplished leader with proven results? Do you have an unwavering passion for people and their development? Are you able to see in others what they do not see in themselves? Do you feel satisfied or accomplished through the success of others? Do you consider yourself a motivated, results oriented, growth minded leader? Then Drive & Shine is the place to take your skills. In this role you will be expected to use exceptional interpersonal skills to drive results, build your team and bench strength going forward. You will have a role in selecting your team members through active recruiting, interviewing, and training. You will address customer needs and or issues. You will have the ability to impact the future of the business through exceeding sales goals, controlling expenses and maximizing profits. You will work outdoors a lot


Job Responsibilities

Every successful business starts with a team of associates focused on company’s culture, mission, and strategy. It will be your responsibility to recruit, interview, hire and train your team to follow our policies and practices, adhere to our culture, and deliver exceptional results for both the customer and our company. You will ensure that every customer is wowed during their visit to our location, even during super busy periods which can be as many as 2,000 cars in one day. You will schedule your team to process vehicles safely, efficiently, and without waste. You will multi-task while working, monitoring and evaluating staff performance, managing departmental labor goals and budgetary requirements, setting strategic long and short-term departmental goals and evaluating outcomes, inspiring staff and facilitating personal growth, ensuring high levels of productivity and quality. You will ensure that your staff keeps busy during slow times, making our facilities look as if new by constant and end of day cleaning. You will ensure that all our equipment and facilities are in top performance condition throughout the day, notifying our maintenance team of any required repairs. You will pro-actively order supplies and inventories to keep a smooth-running operation. Above all- you will build a motivated staff who is happy and smiling all day long and ready to serve and excited to stay busy, grow with us, and treat the company as if they owned it. You will provide informal and formal evaluations and sit-down reviews with your staff frequently, following our company guidelines.


Job Skills & Qualifications

· Bachelors or associate degree preferred

· 5 plus years of experience in leading people, ideally in retail or service setting

· Independent, assertive & results driven

· Has high energy and thrives in fast-paced environment

· Is proactive and plans ahead

· Is flexible with schedule and works almost all Fridays & Saturdays and steps in as needed

· Is organized and diligent.

· Has exceptional interpersonal skills and is moderately social

· Has excellent verbal and written skills

Company Description:

We are a family-owned business with family values that started our operation 25 years ago because our owner could not find a high-quality carwash to wash his car in South Bend Indiana. Over the last 25 years, we have grown to be one of the most sophisticated chains of car care centers in the country, where we offer car washing, quick lubes, interior cleaning, and detailing of vehicles in a family-oriented environment where our customers have rated us THE BEST 25 years in a row. Our people are our #1 priority and the most important leg of our strategy. We strive to hire, train, and promote happy and motivated people on our team who share the same values we do.

The technologies, equipment & processes we deploy are at the forefront of existence within our industry. We design and manufacture most of the equipment that we use in our buildings. The level of investment we make in our staff, operations, and facilities are amongst the highest in our industry, and we are visibly the best at what we do.

Our mission is very simple “we wow customers one at a time”! To do that, we invest heavily in people training & development. Hearing comments such as “you helped shape my life” from our associates are common.

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