Kenk USA

Serves customers in a fast, efficient, courteous manner. Keeps the store clean, well-stocked, faced and shoppable. Works as a team and supports store management in reaching the store goals. Represents Kenk USA in a professional manner in all dealings with employees, vendors and customers.


Major Job Tasks

• Accurately operates cash register and monitors gas console. Follows all cash handling procedures involving cash, credit cards, checks, lottery, and drops. Properly and accurately accounts for all sales transactions. Maintains accurate inventory through correct pricing.

• Keeps store clean, always stocked and in first class condition. Maintains high cleaning standards including parking lot, restrooms, stockroom, and equipment. Cleans all spills to remove safety hazards.

• Acknowledges all customers and provides the highest level of customer service including greeting, suggestive selling, and thanks while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and encouraging customers to return. Assists customers in locating items in the store.

• Complies with suggestive selling program. Builds displays to promote customer awareness of sale items and generate additional sales

• Performs other duties as assigned or requested.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Mathematical skill to count, add, subtract, copy, and record figures.

• Skill in operating various machines typical in the retail setting, such as cash register, credit card machine, and gas pump console.

• Written communication skill to fill out routine forms and records.

• Oral communication skill to give, receive, or exchange information with co-workers, customers, and vendors in a courteous and professional manner.

• Interpersonal communication skill to work effectively with others in order to coordinate activities and complete assigned tasks.

• Ability to read and understand written instructions, memos, and procedure manuals.

• Ability to follow specific, step-by-step instructions, standard procedures, and operating guidelines.

• Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed oral and written instructions.

• Ability to concentrate on the task being done despite distractions from others.

• Ability to identify routine problems and situations that require a decision.

• Ability to provide a high level of customer service 

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