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The individuals selected for this position are responsible to account for every item that comes into a stores inventory as well as every item that leaves through the back door of the store. They ensure that we are not over-shipped or mis-delivered and guard against unauthorized vendor deliveries.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Know and actively demonstrate, daily, our Company Mission Statement and our Core Values.
  2. Maintain uniform standard, as detailed in the Employee Manual, for all worked hours.
  3. Review and react to daily emails regarding incoming products.
  4. Receive and verify contents of all shipments against purchase orders (POs), invoices, and tasting calendar using the RF scanner, unwrapping as needed to verify quantities. Receive all drop-shipped deliveries the day of arrival.
  5. Visually check all cases/bottles for breakage/hot bottles, and report infractions to a manager.
  6. Understand and demonstrate how all products must be scanned by the RF gun to be received properly.
  7. Leave beer POs open on RF gun until beer has been completely unloaded and stocked, do not receive any breakage.
  8. Make necessary notes on invoices to show products with no issues, variances, damaged, and unreceived products.
  9. Check invoice against scan log and use a Troubled Invoice Form to communicate issues to accounts payable (AP).
  10. Log all invoices and transfers into receiving log, bundle, and send downtown on very next pickup.
  11. Make a copy of log and maintain neat and organized filing system for in-store paperwork.
  12. Man doors that remain open during the receiving process. Open doors must be manned at all times.
  13. Ensure receiving doors are locked and armed when not in use.
  14. Control receiving area to ensure no product is removed until verified and received via RF scanner.
  15. Maintain neat and orderly receiving and stock areas, including regular sweeping and maintenance.
  16. Prepare receiving and stock areas for inventory and assist in the inventory process.
  17. Maintain special order communication area to ensure all can be quickly verified upon receipt.
  18. Maintain special order product area to keep separate from regular merchandise.
  19. Move supplies and equipment when needed to ensure efficient storage space.
  20. Understand and follow all transfer laws.
  21. Inform manager of out-of-stocks on all WD and key items as well as provide feedback regarding fast- or slow-moving product.
  22. Review negative inventory reports and correct counts to ensure data integrity for the PO system.
  23. Work with and maintain computers and RF scanner equipment.
  24. Provide feedback to management regarding issues with computers and RF scanner equipment.
  25. Create and maintain strong professional relationships with vendors, drivers, and merchandisers.
  26. When on sales floor, assist guests, sell, and add-on.
  27. Seek to continually improve related skills and knowledge to contribute to profitability and productivity.
  28. May be asked to run a cash register and/or stock shelves as business dictates.
  29. Carry out directives of management efficiently.
  30. Fulfill responsibilities with care and attention to detail.
  31. Practice teamwork and cooperation with others.
  32. Possess time management skills and be able to prioritize tasks.
  33. Ability to manage stress in a fast-paced environment.
  34. Limit use of personal cell phone to work related activities only.
  35. Work in accordance with all safety regulations of Specs Family Partners and OSHA.
  36. Stand, walk, and bend for most of shift. Use arms, hands, and fingers to feel, handle, reach, and lift. Lift and/or move up to 50 pounds regularly and up to 100 pounds or more occasionally using proper lifting techniques and tools. Push and/or pull 50-100 pounds or more regularly. Communicate with and understand team members and guests. See product and signage.
  37. Other projects and tasks assigned my management.
  • Yes, you may have to clean the bathroom.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This job has no supervisory responsibilities.


Education or Experience

We’d prefer you to have retail receiving experience, but if youre willing to learn, were willing to teach you. We’d like you to have a high school diploma or a general education degree (GED), but sometimes, experience is the best education.

Language Skills

We need you to be able to read, comprehend, and write simple instructions or memos. You must be able to communicate with and understand coworkers. Bilingual skills are a plus.

Mathematical Skills

You need the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in both whole numbers and in fractions and decimals without taking your shoes off. We can provide a calculator. Counting is a major plus too, as your count becomes inventory.

Demeanor and Personal Skills Smiley, Friendly, Helpful

You need to be responsible, reliable, and committed to providing extraordinary service. Patience, friendliness, and an outgoing personality are needed for success. You need to be a self-starter with a strong work ethic who completes job assignments in a timely fashion and then looks for the next task.


Full-time is typically 35+ hours per week. Must be available to work any shift on Friday or Saturday and must be available 80% or more of all shifts each week.

Part-time is up to 25 hours per week.
We schedule for the needs of our business. Working outside of your scheduled time without District Manager approval is prohibited and subject to discipline. In other words, you cannot decide to make up hours because you missed some time after a night out with your buddies unless your District Manager ok’s it.

Reasoning Ability

Certificates, Licenses

In some cases, a valid TABC Beverage Sellers Permit and Food Handlers Permit.

Physical Demands

This job also requires physical attendance based on a schedule made by management which may vary week to week based on the needs of the business.

Work Environment and Environmental Conditions

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